Overwatch : Open beta between May 5th and 9th, Official release on May 24th

Overwatch : Open beta between May 5th and 9th, Official release on May 24th
While announcing the official release of Overwatch on May 24th, Blizzard announced the opening of a brief open beta phase between May 5th and 9th. With an early access to this beta on May 3rd and 4th for all those who pre purchase the game !

Open Beta Coming to PC, PS4™, and Xbox One (Source)

Want a chance to check out Overwatch™ ahead of its May 24 launch? Form a team of friends and try out the team shooter of tomorrow in the Overwatch Open Beta, coming in early May to PC, PS4™, and Xbox One!

As a newly added bonus, if you pre-purchase or preorder Overwatch for any platform at www.buyoverwatch.com, you'll also get early access to the Open Beta for you and a friend from May 3–4. After that, everyone will have a chance to play free during an all-access Open Beta period from May 5–9.

PC, PS4, and Xbox One players alike will be able to experience the intense action of Overwatch for themselves, including all of our launch-day heroes and maps. Read on below for more information, and be sure to stay tuned for additional details.

Open beta early access details

To get a two-day head start in the Open Beta for you and a friend on May 3–4, simply pre-purchase or preorder any edition of Overwatch by April 29 through one of the methods below.



Pre-purchase the digital version of Overwatch or Overwatch: Origins Edition for PC via the Battle.net Shop. We'll send two early-access keys (PC) to your Battle.net email address—one for you and one for a friend—before the Open Beta begins. 

If you've already pre-purchased digitally through Battle.net, you're good to go. We'll send you two keys before the Open Beta early-access period gets started.


Pre-purchase or preorder any version of Overwatch at a participating retailer, and your retailer will give you two Open Beta early-access keys for your specific platform before the early access period begins—one key for you, and one for a friend. Distribution varies by retailer, so check with them for additional details. 

To find a participating retailer in North America, visit www.buyoverwatch.com. If you don't see your favorite store listed, check with them to find out if they're taking part in this promo. 

If you previously pre-ordered or pre-purchased Overwatch at a participating retailer, contact your store to find out how to receive your early-access keys.


Preorder the PS4 version or pre-purchase the Xbox One version of Overwatch: Origins Edition digitally through the PlayStation Store or Xbox Store (once available), and you'll automatically be flagged for early access to the Open Beta on your console.

Before the Open Beta early-access period begins, you’ll also receive one additional early-access key (valid only for the same platform).

And don't forget: In addition to receiving early access to the Open Beta, when you pre-purchase or preorder any version of Overwatch, you'll also get the Noire Widowmaker skin at launch! Visit www.buyoverwatch.com for more details.


Q. By what date do I need to pre-purchase to get early access to the Open Beta? 

A: To ensure you get early access to the Open Beta, pre-purchase or preorder at a participating retailer on or before April 29, 2016.

Q. When will I receive my early access keys?

A. All early access keys will be distributed on or before May 2, 2016.

Q. How will I receive my early access key from a retailer? 

A. Your retailer will provide you with early access keys for your chosen platform. Distribution timing and methods vary by platform and retailer, so check with your favorite store for details.

Q. How do I get early access to the Open Beta if I previously preordered or pre-purchased at a participating retail store, but didn't get an early access key?

A. If you previously pre-purchased or preordered Overwatch at a participating retailer, contact your store to find out how to receive your early access keys.

Q. Can I redeem my early access keys right away once I receive them?

A. Early access keys on PC can be redeemed immediately through Battle.net Account Management ("Games & Codes" > "Add a Game Key").
Early access keys on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be redeemable beginning on May 3, 2016. Please be sure to save your key(s) and redeem them on May 3 to download and play the game.

Q. Who should I contact if I am having trouble redeeming my early access key? 

A. If you're having issues with redeeming your early access key(s), please reach out to whomever you pre-purchased or preordered from for assistance.

Q. What is the exact time the Open Beta will begin in my region? 

A. To be determined! We'll be sure to share regional dates and times for the Open Beta (including the early access portion of the Open Beta) once those details have been locked down.

Q. What game content will be available during the Open Beta? 

A. All players will have access to the full roster of 21 heroes, along with every map that will be available at launch. We want players to get a feel for the complete Overwatch experience!

Q. Do I need Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus to participate in the Open Beta? 

A. Due to the multiplayer nature of Overwatch, Xbox Live Gold is required to play during the Open Beta and at launch. PlayStation Plus is not required during the Open Beta, but will be required to play at launch.

Q. Will my progress from the Open Beta carry over to the launch version of the game? 

A. No. All progression including skins, rewards, levels, and stats gained during the Open Beta will be reset at launch. This includes any progression gained during the early access portion, as well.

Q. Will PC and console gamers be able to play together during the Open Beta? 

A: No, cross-platform play will not be available during the Open Beta or at launch.

Q. Will the Closed Beta end before the Open Beta begins?

A. Yes. The Closed Beta will end before May 3, 2016. The exact date is still to be determined, though we'll provide Closed Beta participants with advanced notice.

Q. What if I have a question about the Open Beta that hasn't been answered?

A. Stay tuned! We'll be sharing more information about the Open Beta in the coming weeks. In the meantime, please feel free to tweet @PlayOverwatch with your question if you'd like to see it answered in one of our future updates. 

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